About me

Brief about me :

Egyptian clothing has always been internationally famous for the quality of its materials and the mastery of its workmanship, and from here began the first steps of OB journey towards building an ancient entity to restore confidence in the quality and modernity of our national manufactures at competitive prices and international quality.

Our mission :
Appreciating our customers by providing everything new in the world of fashion (men’s and children’s) to suit different tastes and at reasonable prices, while providing a positive work environment for our partners, and the highest growth rates for our shareholders.

Our vision :

Sharing excellence with our partners in success, whether they are our customers or our employees, in our journey to maintain leadership in the field of ready-made clothing in Egypt and the Middle East.

rate us :

customers satisfaction :

It is the core value that we work to achieve. Our customers’ satisfaction is our first goal

the quality :

We always strive to use the best materials in our products to ensure a consistent level of quality that suits our customers in our various collections

Diversity :

We guarantee our customers the availability of something that suits their taste and the variety of configurations to provide them with multiple choices

Flexibility :

Our reliance on the diversity of our collections has made us flexible in satisfying our customers and providing the highest levels of customer service and constant communication with them to provide after-sales services.

Spirit of teamwork :

We prefer to work in a team spirit to achieve our goals and to form a successful communication policy that depends on every individual in the organization

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